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We are in a recession, and the way ahead looks tricky. Finding a business opportunity that allows a decent return on your cash is like finding a golden ticket, especially in the middle of a pandemic but if you look hard enough there some exciting opportunities open to those who are prepared to adopt an open mind.

Banks, building societies, wealth consultants and financial advisors are recommending investments with returns that offer at most 1.5% return on your money if you fix your investment for five years. Meaning you have to keep your cash in the account for five years to get a return of 1.5%. Frankly, that’s pitiful!

Gone are the days when those with savings could expect a decent return on their cash from any of the high street institutions. The only option left open is to cast your net wide and look for other ways to invest and make the most of your cash for the future of you and your family.

How about a return on your investment of a minimum of 15% P.A? Sounds too good to be true but the fact is a franchise opportunity with Cafelavista is everything they say it is. A fantastic opportunity in an uncertain market that will only get better over time.

Cafelavista Coffee Rental Franchise

Here’s how it works — Cafelavista investment opportunities gives you the chance to invest in top quality coffee machines delivering hand-roasted beans to cup coffee available for consumption in the workplace.

Here’s what we know — Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. Global coffee consumption has increased, particularly in non-traditional coffee drinking countries in Africa, Asia by 4.1 % in the last five year. The demand in Europe has grown by 1% and in North America by 2.5%. And there’s no sign of a drop-off.

So, you have a product everyone wants, and now you need an excellent means of providing that product. That’s where Cafelavista’s investment franchise opportunity comes into its own, here’s the low down.

When you purchase one or more machines, you agree to rent back the machines to Vista Rental Ltd, their sister company. Vista Rental Ltd places the coffee machine with a client on your behalf and pays you a monthly fixed income payment of £50 per month for each coffee machine you own, and this amounts to £3,600 over 6-years.

Each machine cost £3000 plus VAT, and this is your stake in the Cafelavista Franchise. But that’s not all, in addition to the 6-year rental income you get paid, you will also receive an annual ingredients bonus — the ingredients are the coffee beans and other branded ingredients and sundries. The bonus is £200 and is paid annually for each machine you own.

Sounds great I know but what’s even better is Vista Rentals LTD will buy back the machine from you in a balloon payment of £900 per machine taking away the worry about what to do with a six-year-old commercial coffee machine.

Cafelavista investment What’s the Bottom Line?

We have to ask this question, and the answer is — by combining your rental income, ingredients bonus and balloon payment, the income you generate on your first machine equates to a total of £5,700 against an initial investment of £3,000, resulting in a six-year gain of £2,700.

Even if you’re not a commercial investor and you can’t claim back the VAT. £5,100 still equates to 9% return without you doing anything once you have bought the coffee machine, proving you can even make money in a recession, you just need to know where to look.

We love the fact that once you have purchased a coffee machine or two, you don’t have any further involvement in the day to day events, the team does it all for you. Your machine is placed in a safe venue like an office, hairdressers or private doctor’s surgery and installed by professional engineers and maintained by the same engineers.

In the meantime, Cafelavista’s customer services team looks after you, making sure you get your monthly income and answering any questions.

What’s more, the coffee and hot chocolate are delicious, and the machines are attractive, designed to fit into a small space, you can have a plumbed coffee machine or a freestanding unplumbed machine. We love the fact the cups match, it’s a little thing, but it’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference.

It’s a win-win business model from Cafelavista, the people who know how to make a fantastic cup of coffee.

Originally published at on September 29, 2020.

#CAFELAVISTA is a dynamic company in the food and beverage space, with a team who have a combined 30+ years experience in the franchise.

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