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CafeLavista, a fast growing franchise in UK.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to start a business from scratch without giving some thought to the business plan. Likewise, investing in a franchise without researching the franchisor and its company wouldn’t be a wise move. We take a look at the Cafelavista Reviews and a business that is doing it right.

Franchising is very popular and has many benefits. It’s the combination of a regional company backed by national support and standards. It’s a proven way to do business and one that benefits both the franchisor and franchisee. However, it’s only careful research that ensures the right people match with the right companies.

Let’s look at how to research a franchise opportunity and help find the right investment for you, starting with the all-important financial commitments.

Finding the Right Franchise

The internet is the first port of call when researching a franchise Investment opportunity. Sites such as provide a great resource of help and advice, as well as details of businesses that have passed detailed scrutiny of their franchise operation.

Traditional media is an integral part of franchising, with specialist magazines and newspapers providing excellent resources for advice and access to companies and details of professional webinars and online exhibitions and seminars.

Seminars will help you decide if franchising is for you, but it’s also essential to look at finances.

Financial Commitments

It’s important to consider how much money you are comfortable committing to a franchise and the level of return you require from your investment.

It’s also good to know that when looking to finance your investment, the success history of the parent company means a franchise business loan is more accessible. Financial institutions agree that investing in a franchise is a safer bet than investing in a brand new business that has not had a chance to build up a commercial history.

Saying that, make sure you understand the total start-up cost of the franchise and what if any the ongoing management service fees are. You can’t budget if you don’t have the full picture.

Public Endorsements are Important

In these days of social media and online public scrutiny, a great way to check out potential investments is to look at what others are saying.

Trustpilot is a well known Danish consumer review website, now used worldwide by popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Founded in Denmark in 2007 and hosts reviews of businesses. Nearly 1 million new and authentic assessments are posted each month.

Businesses who use Trustpilot do so because they are confident that their business is performing well and customers are happy. Equally, if you’re not up to scratch, negative reviews can be damaging to business likewise positive feedback such as the cafelavista reviews are great for business.

Testimonials are also a significant endorsement, check out the prospective companies website and ask to speak directly to the franchisees whose testimonial appears on the site. Word of mouth is the best recommendation that way you’ll get a much more rounded view of the business.

With that in mind, one of the best franchise investment opportunities under £10k features on — Cafelavista and it’s sister company Vista Rental Limited is a fully managed bean to cup coffee franchise business that has excellent testimonials and a top Trustpilot score.

Cafelavista Reviews

I was searching for a great investment opportunity for two key reasons, firstly I was looking for a hands-off investment that could yield more than the mainstream financial services such as ISA etc., and secondly I was looking for an investment that would create a platform to support me exiting employment.

I found CAFÉLAVISTA on Franchise Direct website, and the “no fuss no-nonsense” approach appealed to me. I know the coffee industry well, and I was attracted to the high-end equipment (Piccola model) and also the attention to detail with the sourcing of the bean and the fact they were roasted in the UK.

I originally bought 1 machine on a “dip my toe in the water” theory but soon after dived in and purchased a further 10. My current portfolio is 12 machines 10 of which are located around the South Wales hub and two machines will be used to drive the brand in the North West of England where I reside.

The CAFÉLAVISTA team are friendly, down to earth, and hardworking and open about the brand, which I like a great deal. I invoice the team each month with my rental commissions, and the money arrives the next day. They even hooked me up with a decent Accountant to help with the business inauguration.

If you are a people person and looking for a decent hands-off investment that will double your money then for me they are a great option

The following testimonial is from a satisfied franchisee — Christopher Harrington.

If your interested in a CAFÉLAVISTA franchise opportunity get in touch with our Franchise team today!?

Originally published at on October 9, 2020.

#CAFELAVISTA is a dynamic company in the food and beverage space, with a team who have a combined 30+ years experience in the franchise.

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